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What Are the Potential Benefits of Doing International Business or Making Overseas Investments?

Creating and operating a business overseas is challenging on many levels for an entrepreneur or business. For the few who do pursue it and adequately prepare, many opportunities can be found, pursued and developed.  As to every individual domestic market, the size and potential opportunity presented by overseas markets far outweighs the breadth of the home market.

First and foremost, growing a business overseas can mean increased sales and revenue. The opening of untapped and new markets is an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses, especially those with a competitive product, service or technology.  Establishing a presence in a new market can also help reduce supply-chain and logistics costs, increase revenues and help provide tax efficiencies.

Second, as most countries seek to entice foreign businesses to invest in and enter their markets (Foreign Direct Investment), government incentives are widely available to new entrants in most foreign markets. These incentives may include cash incentives, tax cuts, real estate incentives and grants, as well as many other incentives.

RKF Global assists clients in establishing new international businesses and engaging in business overseas in the following areas:

  • Obtaining Government Incentives.  RKF Global works closely with our clients to obtain cash, tax and other incentives from governments in relation to Foreign Direct Investment, and such endeavors should be formulated as part of the business plan at the outset of expansion.  Within the U.S., we also work closely to obtain municipal, state and federal incentives for business expansions and job creating business plans, where companies are expanding across municipal, county or state lines.

  • Local Partnering and Joint Ventures.  In some cases, RKF assists clients in partnering with established local businesses, which provides the client with an opportunity to jump-start the execution of their business plan and enter a market with an already established business. We also assist clients with finding and establishing joint venture partners and opportunities through many avenues, including RKF’s established network of in-country contacts, financial institution contacts, the U.S. Department of State Commercial Division resources, and foreign government coordination. Lastly, and where the business plan provides, we assist clients with acquiring foreign companies and launching businesses in new and/or foreign markets.

  • Foreign Expansion Business Plan Development.  Most importantly, RKF offers assistance in developing and formulating business plans for clients to realize and accomplish their expansion plans.  Based upon our years of experience in numerous markets, industries and jurisdictions, we provide strategies designed to successfully penetrate foreign markets and establish and operate businesses and/or investments overseas for clients. Not only do our lawyers possess expertise in the legal, regulatory and bureaucratic complexities that the client may face, but we also serve in many cases as leaders in business, government, and other sectors.

  • Matchmaking and Revenue Generating Opportunities.  Traditional legal advice is something other law firms can routinely provide.  Beyond providing traditional legal services, RKF can also assist clients with business development, partnering, matchmaking, planning, operations and expansion strategy. Through our extensive network of high level industry and government contacts in numerous countries throughout the world, RKF Global assists clients find appropriate matchmaking and revenue generating opportunities.

In additional to traditional international markets, RKF has developed extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise in developing and emerging markets, such as East Asia (including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea), the Middle East (including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Iraq, Palestinian Territories and Jordan), North Africa, South America and Central America.

For more information on The Potential Benefits of Doing International Business or Making Overseas Investments, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (312) 888-2000.

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