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Thomas Rosenberg


Los Angeles, CA

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Contract Restructuring & Workouts

Most businesses have entered into and operate under long term contracts, including loans, leases, mortgages, license agreements, independent contractor agreements, joint-venture agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.  As a direct result of the pandemic, businesses are facing unprecedented commercial risk and exposure.  Performance, on the part of both ourselves and our transactional partners, was once a given, but now is not. 

We recommend taking a quick “inventory” of the material contractual obligations arising under your current executory contracts, and an internal discussion as to foreseeable and anticipated issues.  Getting in front of these issues is paramount to staving off (at least in part) costly and disruptive situations.  Restructuring and/or simply communicating with the contractual partners to proactively work through issues can drastically help avoid problems and even strengthen long term relationships.  We can offer strategic assistance as needed in these areas, including contract restructuring, extend & blends, renegotiations, etc.

  • Contract review and risk management assessments

  • Force Majeure analysis

  • Extends & Blends

  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant issue management

  • Debt restructurings, Workouts and modifications

  • Real estate foreclosure services

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