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RKF Global in the MENA Region: Opportunities & Expertise

In the 21st century, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) play a crucial role in the global market. Throughout the last decade, the mere scale of deals, projects, developments and investment opportunities offered in the region has attracted many major players from all commercial sectors, and has resulted in some of the largest development projects and investment arrangements the world has ever seen.


At RKF Global, our in-depth experience concerning the MENA region’s laws and customs, as well as our unique relationships with several of the region's governments, allows us to provide our clients both the legal and strategic assistance needed to be successful in the region. This includes initiatives like public infrastructure projects, commercial and residential developments, establishment of investment funds, regulation compliance, and government relations. RKF Global has an established and credible presence in the region that is cemented by the Firm's relationship with high-ranking government officials, established financial institutions and other important intermediaries. RKF Global is perfectly positioned for helping businesses realize their goals in the region quickly and effectively.

Point of Contact

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Thomas Rosenberg


Chicago, IL

(312) 888-2000


Stefano Rosenberg

(312) 888-2000

Chicago, IL



Our attorneys have spent decades living and working throughout the MENA region and, in that time, have collected priceless experience and knowledge of the region’s subtle cultural complexities in business and politics. The combination of our lawyers’ extensive regional experience, unique relationships with the regions governments, and our integrated global network of business partners ensures that we are well-equipped to assist our clients with the complexities of government bureaucracies and key royal families in the region. RKF’s track record includes some of the largest public, commercial, and residential development projects the MENA region has seen. Today, our team continues to work closely with several regional government contacts, as well as sovereign and privately owned wealth funds to help bring investments and large development projects to the region, many of which are market firsts.

Some examples of the engagements our firm has handled include:

  • Serving as Chief Legal Counsel for an international partnership in constructing the largest entertainment facility in the MENA region, with a value of over 5 billion U.S. dollars.

  • Serving as Chief Legal Counsel for a large international construction company in developing public, commercial and residential development projects in Iraq valued at over 3 billion USD.

  • Representing a consortium of U.S. based private companies in investment opportunities and various development projects in partnership with U.A.E. government institutions.

  • Advised and represented U.S. interests in developing and constructing a university in Libya as part of the nation’s reconstruction.

  • Delivering informative speeches concerning U.S.-Middle East relations, the current state of business in the region, and prospective partnership opportunities at government sponsored events.

  • Represented U.S. interests in a public water infrastructure project in one of Iraq’s largest metropolitan areas.

  • Represented a consortium of multinational and international companies developing low cost housing in Bahrain.

  • Representing and advising a large Turkish construction company in various development projects throughout the MENA region.

  • Advising U.S. and Middle Eastern clients on U.S. and international sanctions and export controls against government in the region, as well as on compliance with regional and local regulations.



When it comes to the range of legal services, RKF Global can advise and help execute various types of transactions, investment opportunities, and other engagements in the MENA region, including:

  • Banking and Finance arrangements.

  • Regulatory Issues.

  • Construction and Infrastructure Development.

  • Corporate Services.

  • Energy/Oil and Gas Law.

  • International and Cross Border Transactions.

  • International Litigation and Arbitration.

  • Public Project Tenders.

  • Real Estate (including residential and planned development).

  • Environment.

  • U.S. Public Policy and Regulation

Investment Opportunities

MENA Inbound Trade

MENA Outbound Trade

TRAC donates 500,000 masks to the Citizens of Iraq for the fight against Covid-19

On August 19 2020, the US Chamber of Commerce’s US Iraq Business Council hosted a special roundtable with the Prime Minister of Iraq along with his senior ministers and also with the US Secretary of Energy. The roundtable was made up of multiple sessions including Economics, Energy, Health & Environmental, Political & Diplomatic, Security & Counterterrorism, and Education & Culture.

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