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Daniel T. Fahner

Thomas Rosenberg

Supply Chain Management

The nature of business today calls upon participants to develop and manage a supply chain on a global basis.  Moreover, the content of today’s supply chain encompasses not only brick & mortar locations and material goods, but digital services, international data and intellectual property as well.  Our multi-disciplinary attorneys can help you streamline the supply chain management process and guard against interruption, which has become a more challenging endeavor than ever before.

RKF Global attorneys have extensive experience in the provision of almost every facet of supply chain operations and are focused on providing clients with strategic and value-added counseling in navigating the terrain; from multi-tiered manufacturing and supply to end-sales.  We assist with supply chain planning and efficiency, the structuring, negotiating, and drafting of supply chain agreements, regulatory compliance, risk management and dispute resolution.

We routinely counsel in supply chain legal issues, such as: 

  • Manufacturing & OEM production

  • Commercial contracting, structuring & negotiations

  • Distribution & logistics

  • Procurement and outsourcing

  • Administrative & regulatory compliance

  • Corporate governance & compliance

  • Data security & digital commerce

  • Dispute resolution & complex litigation

  • Intellectual property protection & risk analysis

The RKF Global services offered are designed to provide our clients with an array of tailored services optimizing the cost-efficient and timely exchange of goods and services across international borders, and to do so while remaining in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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