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Daniel T. Fahner

Chicago, IL

(312) 888-2000

Managing Partner


Alex Koslya

Senior Associate

Chicago, IL

(312) 888-2000

Point of Contact

Commercial & Complex Litigation

RKF Global lawyers provide strategic business and legal advice to small/mid-sized companies (SMEs), emerging and large companies, as well as their owners, managers, investors and boards as part of our Complex Commercial Litigation practice. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of dispute resolution, including jury and bench trials, appeals and administrative proceedings, domestic and international arbitration, and mediation. RKF has attorneys which are licensed in a number of jurisdictions across the country, and maintain an extensive network of local counsel. RKF lawyers have been selected by peers as a Leading Lawyer for Commercial Litigation and Federal Regulatory Law (2015-2023)

Administrative Procedures

Civil Rights

Employment Disputes (Breach of fiduciary etc)

Commercial Disputes

Although commercial disputes are unfortunately commonplace, they are each different, and based upon a unique set of facts and circumstances.  From simple, single-issue disputes to complex multi-level matters, our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a strategic dispute resolution or litigation plan.

Intellectual Property

As one of the fastest growing fields around the world, Intellectual Property can provide its owners with opportunities to generate revenue, create equity and drive business.  Our attorneys seek to provide clients with helpful insight and legal...

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