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State and Local Government Relations

Today, developing or operating a business demands significant involvement with government and regulatory systems, programs and rules – notably on the state and local levels.   In addition to assisting clients with federal issues, RKJ attorneys actively help clients coordinate and interact with government agencies at the state, county, municipal and local levels, including the following:

  • Government Financing

  • Real Estate and State & Local Taxation

  • Real estate, Zoning and Land Use

  • Public/Private Partnerships

  • Development Projects

Regional and Global Development Projects

As an integrated practice area with our International Project Development practice, RKJ attorneys work closely with clients to build effective, compliant and successful government strategies as to their regional and global projects. 

Government influence affects development projects on many levels, touching business and development decisions, necessitating government input, coordination and approvals at numerous levels. Whether facing issues as to public policy, regulation or prohibition and/or enforcement actions, our attorneys help to formulate tailored strategies to help our clients reach their business and compliance goals.


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