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Developer Support


RKJ attorneys seek to provide proactive and intensive advice to the developer, as a trusted legal adviser and partner.  Above and beyond our development and transactional guidance, we support our clients in the following areas:

  • Project structuring, including BOT, BOO, PPP and BOOT

  • Project consortium formation

  • Government project support

  • Development and project financing

  • Government agency project approval

  • Environmental assessment and permitting

  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) strategies

  • Regulatory compliance and disputes

  • Health and safety planning

  • Work force immigration

  • Project revenue agreements and transactions

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

 RKJ lawyers have extensive experience as to negotiations, formation and operation of joint ventures and strategic alliances.   On an international basis, we have put together projects relating to large-scale infrastructure, energy, housing, and commercial and industrial development.  Balancing the roles and responsibilities of the various participants provides challenges to structuring and operating these alliances.  Our lawyers strive to provide valuable insight to meet these challenges.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition activity is brisk as companies seek to grow and diversify revenue streams.  Private equity and other financial buyers seek to put cash to work and take advantage of favorable interest rates.  Many companies seek to monetize their operating or portfolio investments during favorable economic times.  Whether on the buy or sell side of a transaction, businesses want assurance their strategic, financial and regulatory priorities are thoroughly addressed and their deals will keep moving.


Project Finance

Large-scale projects face many challenges as to project finance, including tightening credit markets, volatile commodities pricing, government regulation and contractual issues.  The legal work required for the development, equity and non-recourse debt financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of major housing, industrial and infrastructure projects requires a broad knowledge of numerous legal practice areas.  Consideration must be given to related areas such as securities, corporate structure, equity, debt and finance, tax, environmental, and trade regulation in the early stages of a project.  


RKJ attorneys work closely with our clients to provide strategic input as to structuring, negotiating and documenting project and financing legal needs and agreements.

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