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Emerging Opportunities in Efficient Energy Law and Business

Energy growth areas in energy are related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Although related, they are two distinct areas of law and business.  In today’s market place, renewable energy and energy efficiency best practices intersect with government policies...

Analyzing and Documenting the Source of Funds in EB-5 Petitions 

Ascertaining, analyzing and documenting the source of funds for an EB-5 investment is a critical step in a successful EB-5 filing.  Perhaps the most critical - in that this area generates a large portion of EB-5 visa denials and RFEs.

Additional Immigration Court Options in Removal Proceedings: Administrative Closure

When a person is placed in removal proceedings (deportation), there are several commonly relied-upon forms of relief, including Asylum & Withholding, Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents...

What Types of International Businesses and Investments Do You Assist Your Clients With?

RKJ Global was founded to provide legal and related services to businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals participating in the global marketplace.  RKJ is based in the US, and operates through established affiliate offices in numerous foreign jurisdictions.   RKJ Global maintains a commitment to foster the development of a global mindset among the domestic and international business and investment communities.

What Are the Tax Implications of Doing Business Overseas or Making Investments Abroad?

For U.S.-domiciled businesses, depending on the business plan or the foreign expansion, tax issues can range from simple to highly complex.  You must consider numerous factors such as where (what jurisdiction) you will recognize the income, whether a tax treaty exists between the foreign market jurisdiction and the U.S., the potential taxes to be imposed in the foreign jurisdiction, as well as your domestic tax and reporting responsibilities.

What Are the Potential Risks or Dangers of Doing Business Overseas or Making Investments Abroad?

In addition to the universal and basic legal protection enjoyed in domestic contracts, including contracting and assuring performance by the parties, the largest legal challenge is to draft and execute a binding agreement that captures the intentions and the promise of the parties – and one which will be enforceable in the chosen jurisdiction.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Doing International Business or Making Overseas Investments?

Creating and operating a business overseas is challenging on many levels for an entrepreneur or business. For the few who do pursue it and adequately prepare, many opportunities can be found, pursued and developed.  As to every individual domestic market, the size and potential opportunity presented by overseas markets far outweighs the breadth of the home market. 

What Are The Business Challenges Inherent In Inbound U.S. International Business?

On a world-wide basis, there is a general perception that the U.S. is the most consistent, robust and stable business climate in the world.  Countless success stories continue to underline the belief that opportunities in the U.S. for competitive, innovative, and cost-effective products and services are widely available.

How Can I Avoid Legal Problems Re: Immigration or Customs While Importing into Or Doing Business in the United States?

With regard to inbound international business, specifically into the U.S., we first will look at the goods, capital and/or services entering the U.S., to determine the applicable regulatory requirements, including regulations enforced by federal agencies such as DHS, CBP, EPA, FDA, USCIS, including immigration and customs laws and regulations. 

How Do I Find International Markets to Expand My Business?

Most entrepreneurs and companies would love to participate in the global marketplace, but don’t readily know how to get started.  With advances in technology, the barriers to enter the world markets have largely been knocked down.  With the playing field more level, as between small and large companies, individual entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses can today affordably start to do business in overseas markets.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Forming a Business?

If you have decided to start your own business, you’ve probably already determined that entrepreneurship requires a lot of time and effort. And you’ve probably also heard the time-tested axiom: “the number one reason for new businesses to fail is undercapitalization.”  Assuming you have processed through considerations, you’ll need to plan through a few issues.

Governor announces appointments

Press Release from the Office of the Governor, Bruce Rauner announcing the appointment of Illinois Human Rights Commissioner, Steve Kim.  Mr. Kim is a managing partner of RKJ Global.

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