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TRAC donates 500,000 masks to the Citizens of Iraq for the fight against Covid-19

On August 19 2020, the US Chamber of Commerce’s US Iraq Business Council hosted a special roundtable with the Prime Minister of Iraq along with his senior ministers and also with the US Secretary of Energy. The roundtable was made up of multiple sessions including Economics, Energy, Health & Environmental, Political & Diplomatic, Security & Counterterrorism, and Education & Culture.

During the roundtable, RKF Global’s Steve Kim attending as a representative of TRAC and the US Iraq Business Council, made remarks and presented a donation of 500,000 masks to the citizens of Iraq for the fight against Covid-19. The masks from Global Health were donated by TRAC Development Group which is a US Iraq Business Council member. Steve believes the donation promotes humanitarianism and international cooperation between our two countries.

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