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Real Estate Disputes

As real estate disputes may be complex and costly, RKF attorneys work closely with clients to provide directed and cost-effective strategies before and throughout real estate disputes and litigation.

Areas of service include:

Real Estate Litigation

  •         Title and Title Defect

  •         Property Management

  •         Real Estate broker issues

  •         Easement, encroachments and property line issues

  •         Eminent Domain and Condemnation

  •         Environmental and sub-surface rights

Commercial Landlord & Tenant Litigation

  •         Claims for non-monetary defaults

  •         Collection and guarantees

  •         Property Damage

  •         Unlawful Detainer, Forcible Detainer and Eviction

  •         Rent and Security Deposit

  •         CAM, unpaid rent or overcharge

  •         Fixture disputes

  •         Security interests in tenant assets and Landlord Liens


Warehousing & Supply-Chain Logistics

  •         Bailment and Storage

  •         Container Transport

  •         Container Fees and Detention

  •         Warehousing and Distribution

  •         Warehouseman liability

  •         Warehouseman Liens

  •         Cargo liability

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