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Daniel T. Fahner

Managing Partner

(312) 888-2000

Chicago, IL

Point of Contact

Regulatory Compliance

RKF Global lawyers provide strategic business and legal advice on a broad range of complex regulatory and corporate governance matters, including government and corporate internal investigations, regulatory compliance and enforcement, and defense of employment claims involving harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  Our attorneys have been instrumental in conducting corporate internal investigations and consulting with clients and counseling on a wide range of related issues, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and various state and federal regulations. 


The Regulatory Compliance practice at RKF advises public and private companies, management, boards of directors and board committees on a full range of regulatory matters involving State and Federal agencies reporting, compliance and disclosure matters. 

Areas of Focus

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Corporate Investigations

Business & Corporate Counsel

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an experienced business operator or project developer, you know first-hand the legal and business challenges, risks and rewards that are faced virtually every day along your journey to success.

Project & Business Development

Successfully developing and executing a project is an extremely complex process, necessitating a committed and experienced project development team.  Our attorneys are actively involved to provide strategy and legal advice...

Intellectual Property

As one of the fastest growing fields around the world, Intellectual Property can provide its owners with opportunities to generate revenue, create equity and drive business.  Our attorneys seek to provide clients with helpful insight and legal...

Commercial Disputes

Although commercial disputes are unfortunately commonplace, they are each different, and based upon a unique set of facts and circumstances.  From simple, single-issue disputes to complex multi-level matters, our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a strategic dispute resolution or litigation plan.

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