U.S. Business Immigration and Visa Options

As to foreign personnel relating to inbound international business, we focus on developing a strategic plan based on current U.S. immigration laws and procedures. In order for a non-US resident or citizen to enter and remain in the U.S., approval of a valid visa and/or immigration status is required. Although the U.S. immigration laws are quite complex and somewhat difficult to navigate, there are many opportunities for a person to qualify for a work, investment or other types of visa. Each individual’s situation, background and goals must be analyzed in order to determine the available options and to establish an action plan. Careful planning and extensive supporting documentation are often necessary to obtain approval of immigration benefits.

RKF offers assistance with numerous types of employment-related visas and immigration solutions, including:


Non-Immigrant (Temporary) Work & Visitor Visas


Permanent Residency (“Green Card”) Immigration Categories

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