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Thomas Rosenberg

Daniel T. Fahner

Managing Partner

Chicago, IL

(312) 888-2000

Government Affairs & Regulation

In today’s world, many companies and entrepreneurs pursue opportunities which involve either doing business with a government agency, or doing business in an industry which is regulated by one or more government agencies.  To assist our clients in doing so, the Governmental Affairs and Regulation practice of RKF Global offers a wide range of federal, state, and local government legal services.  Our attorneys actively help our clients efficiently interact with all levels of government, as well as to resolve government and political challenges faced while doing business or investing.

Offering more than traditional transactional legal services, our attorneys help our clients devise government strategies in relation to a wide range of RKF integrated practice areas, including international development, trade, immigration, renewable and efficient energy, natural resources, government contracting, and  technology.

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